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  • It’s Our Pleasure to Introduce…Cory Cole

    This calm and ambitious guy is driven to be the best. He joined the Comfort Hotel 10 months ago and he’s been driven crazy ever since!

  • It’s a Comfort-ing New Feeling

    There’s been a gradual shift at the Choice Hotel Canada property in St John’s. Locally owned and operated by the Sparkes family, hoteliers in the province since 1968, the new sign for the Comfort HOTEL went up today!

  • Local & Loving It! – Episode 1: Until The Snow Goes!

    Episode 1: Until The Snow Goes!

  • Proud Piggy!

    Pride is not an emotion we experience every day. When we do, I am not sure we recognize it. Just stop for a moment and reflect on this: When was the last time you felt proud?

  • Mmmm…Sunday Turkey Dinner Is On!

    Take a break on Sunday’s, gather up the crew and join us at Clancy’s Kitchen & Bar, located at the Comfort Hotel, for an Oven Roasted Turkey Dinner.

  • A House Is Only A Home, When It’s Full!

    Those were my mothers famous words! I love them and I live by them! Joyce always had people in, always cooked for others and we never quite knew who would pop up around our table.

  • Honestly Speaking, What Aren’t You Saying?

    I recall numerous years ago running into a guy who was a lawyer and all he could talk about was how honest my father was. It left an odd impression on me because…

  • Local and Loving It!

    I remember a few years ago I had a call from my cousin, Scott Hillyer, owner of Coffee Matters. Scott was receiving an award and was calling me for advice on what to say…

  • Leading Business Forward

    Today we profile the Comfort Inn Airport. Owned and operated by Clayton Hospitality Inc., the Comfort Inn Airport is a second generation family business renowned for excellence in hospitality throughout the province.

  • Guest Reviews

    Hidden Gem out by the airport The food was fantastic! Our order, in particular, consisted of a mixture of fresh seafood (which they use regularly whenever possible) in both the appetizers and…

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