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The food was fantastic! Our order, in particular, consisted of a mixture of fresh seafood (which they use regularly whenever possible) in both the appetizers and main courses, customized homemade appetizers and sides (tweaked to our personal specifications) as well the use of premium, locally sourced ingredients, combined with a talented homemade flair that ultimately produced, unequivocally, authentic Newfoundland cuisine at it’s finest.

And the only thing that actually topped the quality of the food for us that evening was the absolutely phenomenal service we received from Colin.

There was honestly nothing that we requested that he didn’t go out of his way to try to fulfil (many requests that he anticipated and automatically fulfilled before we even needed to put in a request).

And when you combine that level of service with his knowledge about the fare, itself, any/all possible ingredient substitutions and providing us with helpful suggestions when we were unsure and struggling between options (usually finding the perfect solution by taking custom requests…multiple, in fact, as we were a party of 5…and all of those orders then subsequently coming out promptly and cooked not only to our specifications, but also to perfection, at that, as they were all absolutely scrumptious).

And it would be remiss of me not to mention that Colin also let us know that many of the options we were considering were homemade (as that, most definitely, not only affected whether we wanted to order them or not…& we certainly did when we found out they were homemade…but also the quantity we ordered, knowing we’d want to share them with each other).

He also informed us that the seafood choices we were considering that evening were also fresh…assuring us that we would not be disappointed…and he couldn’t have been more right!

You would’ve thought the restaurant was empty that night, given the level of attentiveness we received, with everyone’s drinks being so promptly refilled as soon as they’d go low and he’d ask if we would like more, as fast as empty plates would be cleared to give us room when we were finished.

But yet the restaurant was quite busy…Colin simply handled us all with a finesse that was truly inspiring, with none of his patrons feeling like they had anything short of his full attention, as I heard some of his other customers raving about their service (just as we had been collectively doing at our table all evening).

Clancy’s from start to finish, from the food to the service, is most definitely a hidden gem tucked away out by the airport. And while it might be a little out of the way for most people NOT planning on travelling, the few extra minutes it would take to go there vs in the heart of the city are, most definitely, worth the trip. I know I, for one, have added it to my “MUST DO” list for subsequent trips back home.

Fort McMurray

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