Proud Piggy!

Pride is not an emotion we experience every day. When we do, I am not sure we even recognize it.

Just stop for a moment and reflect on this: When was the last time you felt proud?

I remember a moment back in the the mid-90’s while attending a Tourism Industry Association of Canada conference in Alberta. During the Gala dinner, the industry awards were being presented. A lady, GM of the Delta Halifax at the time, was receiving the Tourism Champion award. Sadly, I don’t recall her name. Upon accepting the award, she told us a beautiful story. A story about growing up in a single parent home in rural Nova Scotia with many siblings and few dollars.

While tucking them in each night, her Mom would ask them to share what they did during their day that made them feel proud. Her children would then ‘deposit’ their story of being proud into what her Mom called ‘Proud Piggy’. She then said if her Mom were still alive, she would tell her about the award and put it in her ‘Proud Piggy’. I confess I was moved to tears and honestly cried a river through her speech, trying desperately to wipe my tears with the polyester tablecloth and napkins.

More Feelings of Pride

I have had feelings of pride many times in my life. I confess, however, watching my child graduate was perhaps one of my proudest moments ever. He worked hard, was often lonely and lived away from home for 3 years as he completed his BBA. As I saw the Canadian flag on the screen, I felt pride in being a Canadian, deep pride in his accomplishments and was proud to be a parent. Now, this momma bear is happy to have him home, closer to the nest and tucked in with our very own piggy!

Think about pride and strive for it – it feels awesome likely because it is rare.

What makes you feel proud?

Is there someone you are proud of? Please tell them while you still can.



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