It’s Our Pleasure to Introduce…Cory Cole

This calm and ambitious guy is driven to be the best. He joined the Comfort Hotel 10 months ago and he’s been driven crazy ever since! The delay in this announcement in no way reflects our delight that he’s on our team – he is best in class! He is self taught and has become a fabulous coach bringing out the best in his team! Cory Cole has worked his way up through the ranks of the hospitality industry to his latest role as General Manager of the Comfort Hotel. Over the past 30 years, he has worked in every area of a hotel and is never shy to chip in when there’s work to be done. This combination of a strong work ethic and team spirit is his personal mantra and one he hopes resonates with his son. After all, being a husband and father are his #1 priorities – perhaps this is why he’s been such an awesome fit for our 100% family owned and operated NL company. To learn more about Cory, view his profile here.


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